Glitch project slow


So I’ve been taking a break for a couple f months from coding, then decided to come back and start a “business” so I am currently working on my portfolio.

But I seem to have a problem where when I press something or load a new page, it takes a couple of seconds to load.

I tried hosting my unfinished portfolio on Heroku and it ran perfectly fine, no loading at all, everything was instant.

Now I wish to host on Glitch due to its perks but I don’t know now because of the terrible loading time.

Anyone know if this is a Glitch issue or some setting I have to adjust?

Can you give us a few more details about your Glitch project?

Is it dynamic or static?

Is it your internet? Can you do a speedtest?

I don’t understand what you mean by Dynamic or Static:

And I’m using Ethernet so my speed should be fine.

Like I said, when using Heroku, everything loads immediately, and Glitch loads pages very slow.

What is your site coded in? Is it just html or do you use php/nodejs/python.

I’m using nodejs