Goodbye private projects

I know what you mean a lot of scam sites tried to sell me a free thing and i was like "i’m having none of that bs!"and stopped playing the games that they were trying to scam me with.I still play video games on consoles cause you can’t get scammed on switch games

Yeah. There are some scam sites out there, however they’re trusted.

I mean, they can literally make an annocument and ask people to leave a good review on trustpilot, because software) does this too


ahem we should make a topic or pm for this debate people.not to seem rude,but on this topic,we shouldn’t debate about the advertising and scamming

@BLOXCaster and @RobloServices we do not think that something is good and trustworthy so stop bringing it up when others gripe about private projects

I’m confused by your response.

Yep and according to a friend you have to add at least a bit of money to do prevent abuse which contradicts the word “free”, cause you’ll be loosing money to transaction fees for paypal. And it doesn’t look like you can get your money back.
“24/7” is a really bad term, having 100% uptime is really tricky


What is another was how to project my code on Glitch? Also I need to hide config.json file.

They actually just changed it a week ago to a deposit :man_facepalming: Now they changed it to phone verification.

RAM is only used when the project is awake, disk is forever.

I believe @soup already knows that

The correct tool to do that is the .env file, only the project collabrators(people who can change the code) can see that file. And if someone remixes it, your secrets are wiped

just testing

You should probably use a .env file instead, its hidden by default.

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If I’m reading that right, I think you can put sensitive files in the .data directory. It should have the following protections, which prevent non-collaborators from seeing it:

  • it’s not checked into git/rewind
  • it’s not shown in the editor (other than files explicitly created in the editor)
  • it’s not kept across remixes
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Neither did I! Though I always get commercial emails.

Just to clarify, I do not have any problem with the pricing changes as I understand Glitch needs to make money but the fact that Glitch did not let me know about this beforehand is very annoying.

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Let’s ping our limited number of projects

Did you have any existing private projects? I didn’t get the email as I don’t have any.

Yes, I have a good number of private projects.

I got the emailed the same time @wh0 did, as I have just a bit of private projects. (I don’t care if people take my code, but still I’d like some privacy for some things.)