Ping service block: June 13, 7:56 a.m. to present

Free and online 24/7 ?

Free, no free private projects option, and works with UptimeRobot to my knowledge

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It’s like a river of discord bots and glitch is a dam and the is a dam after it. With glitch blocking pinging services I’m pretty sure most discord bot coders will flow down to services like repl


I have heard this dam analogy recently :thinking:


That is a lot of power usage. I would recommend hosting on mobile.

wow, I guess someone else also thought of it

Comparing the glitch servers with a water dam? Yeah, that was me.

I am having the same issue with error 403 from webhooks connections from IFTTT and since the same date. There will be a solution for this problem?


I hope this someday changes