Project Hosting 24/7

I was wondering is there a way to keep glitch projects awake 24/7 without being a glitch member or without using a pinging service and getting banned?
Because i can’t seem to find a way to keep my discord bot online all the time without not visiting the project url every like 5 minutes.
Is there another way to do this without getting banned besides switching to github or another hosting platform?

Hi there, since as you said pinging projects is no longer allwoed i dont think you have any other options other than becoming a glitch member, as far as i know thats all the options you have in glitch

thanks for the suggestion and i appreciate your feedback but i can’t afford glitch member

Considered self hosting?

i do not have a windows computer, my friends do but, they don’t know anything about coding/hosting

Well! Raspberry Pi is a great place to start learning about networking and servers and you could host your discord bot on that. A Raspi only costs about £30-60! It’s a computer with a full operating system that’s the size of a credit card! Learn more:

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If he/she can’t afford a glitch membership, how can he/she afford that lol

thanks for your feedback but that still does not answer my question i want my project to stay on glitch.

Sorry. But there’s not really anyway to host it 24/7 on Glitch for free.

As it’s a one time payment, people are much more comfortable and able to pay for a Raspi than a monthly Glitch plan :slight_smile:


thanks i guess for trying to help