[Tutorial] Get your Glitch project on a domain!

Are you following the tutorial here?

Hey all,

Fly.io apps do cost. However, you receive $15/month of free credit. As long as you don’t go over this limit you won’t be charged.

You are also billed on bandwidth usage and CPU usage.

See this page for more information.


So this tutorial isn’t valid any more?

I forgot on adding backends. Reviewing things…

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The tutorial still works. However, I’m going to rewrite this tutorial to an updated version.


Hey everyone,
I’m going to share some new things I discovered with fly the other day. First of all, you might have noticied fly.io got a website update. I noticied a typo on the sign in page where the placeholder says “Create a password”.

Ok that was just for fun. Here’s the real information I found. When I created a new fly.io project I found out this tutorial didn’t work anymore because instead of seeing
this sidebar the new projects will get this
I’ve looked around and I haven’t noticied any way to add glitch projects. However I did find an advertisment that allowed you to configure stuff for heroku. which is still not free.
Fly.io might stop offering custom domains for glitch.me or maybe a new interface is being developed. However I think the custom domains feature in the glitch editor will still work but this requires at least two thanks.

And I sent an email, in fact, I sent two emails about fly.io/sites but they haven’t responded yet! Can someone else try?

I had sent an email about 12 hours ago but there was no reply either.

I can create and manage sites fine. You need to go to fly.io/sites, add a site or edit one and you can get access to the backend section fine.

The thing is that the website shows 404 error and it’s impossible to access it


You need to be logged into your fly.io account first.

I’m logged into my fly.io account, and it shows that.

Fly.io always seems to be giving people trouble so I would recommend just using Glitch’s build in domain system.

We know this is an important feature used by many of you; so I wanted to jump in to acknowledge the changes at fly.io.

This does mean that the guide we built and provided to some of you in the past may not match the current recommended flow.

Regardless, you should still be able to link a custom domain with your project. If you need help doing this, you can ask for help in the forum or send a message to support@glitch.com.

Yeah, at the momment the website is sort of broken, like the sign up link takes you to the docs and the button positioning sorta broke, but I can at least login

Thank you for the amazing tutorial!

I found this today. However I think you still have to pay but I think fly offers a limited free tier

hey @tasha i already used this method to get glitch project on a domain name,
today i wanted to check that, and unfortunatly the https://fly.io/sites doesn’t work for me and it give me an four oh four error message even i’m logged in so can you suggest any solutions ?
Thanks !

You can always use the built in domain system.