Twilio Programmable Chat : Quickstart


Project URL:!/twilio-chat-qs?

This is Twilio Programmable Chat application and you can use to start building chat applications either standalone or within existing software. In the readme, I talk about the components that are required to create an application with explaination on both frontend and backend components.


Looks good, and the components section of the readme is really thorough, which will no doubt be useful to others.

I couldn’t get the example app to work, presumably because there are no credentials. I’d suggest re-instating the .env file into the project so that you have a secure place to include the credentials, and people remixing your project can also use it to store their values too, rather than in config.js.


Hey @Gareth . Thanks for the feedback .

Yes the app wouldnt work unless the API Keys are provided, which until your feedback was only in config.js and I had left them empty intentionally. I did not know .env file would not be copied :slight_smile:

Now I have added the .env file, and you can run the app without having to put the credentials .

Let me know if it works for you now.