We need to fix the discord ban mega-thread

The issue with the Discord ban mega-thread

If you have been around on the glitch forum for a while, you may have seen the discord ban mega-thread. It’s the spot to report banned IPs. But unfortunately, it is an endless loop. The scammers who get their bots banned are also likely posting them. When they get sent to a new host, that host will get banned, and so on. If we want this problem to end, I have a few ideas.

Idea 1: The pricey but more user-friendly idea.

To stop this, Glitch would have to give each user a unique IP. If they got a bot banned, all of their bots would be banned and Glitch could look into the problem to see if they need to take action. This, in an ideal world, would be the solution. The issue is that getting everyone an IP would cost a very, very large amount of money.

Idea 2: The cheap but not so user-friendly idea.

When a new Glitch account is created, the user would have to enter a credit card. Discord spammers probably don’t have lots of cards, so this would, in theory, work, but it causes another issue. Most people using Glitch will not want to put in a credit card because of the fear they could get charged or scammed.

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It would make the free version of Glitch more paid and many users use Glitch because it doesn’t require a credit card (among other great things).

I remember reading a post where cori said that each container had a different IP or something (correct me if I’m wrong) and how they change dynamically over time.

We could at least reduce this problem for boosted projects by locating them in another server. That way, paid users will no longer find this as a headache. @glitch_support, are there any updates regarding the Discord IP ban.

The only issue is that boosted users could also spam discord. Its would not be as common as free users, but still possible.

Yes, but we can also narrow the search on who is spamming Discord. Unless it happens randomly and unknowingly by bots.

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Well glitch can just configure there network to monitor connection times to the discord api. THey could always rate limit bots themselves.

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Or Glitch could monitor the outgoing requests as well, like a 429 for outgoing requests as well, although that would suck.

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Yeah… that also raises the question about paid users and unlimited requests.

The limit could be for free users only…then free users are really gonna go mad with technical restrictions.


I don’t see why a free user would need a glitch project to connect to a url multiple times very fast. Unless they are trying to build a supercluster of computers.

cough, cough, @Jonyk56

I mean if you want all that power you could just get google colab notebook they have like 100gb of storage, 12gb of ram, and fast gpus for all your parellel processing needs.

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:insert_grunt_emote: @javaarchive discord bots do that already =P

If I am right, Glitch has an API. If the team could expand that API than possibly they could make a form where people put in their project name and then the form will automatically refresh the container it’s on. That would decrease the huge efforts that the Glitch team have to put in to manually refresh the containers and the huge forum thread!

For now, could we add a Google Form instead of the long forum post, just to clean things up?


Glitch automatically restarts your container when you run process.exit().

I meant that it will refresh the full container (all the projects on it) not just yours to refresh the IP

That could be abused, and glitch would become the holy grail of web scrapers.

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Unfortunetly you have a bit of a point.

collecting cards from all users would most likely result in a data breach

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Digital Ocean does it.

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still there’s always a chance.

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