Windows longhorn simulator (proof of concept)

Project URL:

this is a modified version of auroraOS which has some changes to the looks:

  1. startup gif replaced with longhorn boot screen
  2. wallpaper like original
  3. theme hardcoded to look like windows 95 (theme included)
  4. app names changed to look like windows (write --> word 2007)

still to go:

  1. app icons change
  2. some new apps
  3. ability to login/logout (might wait a bit for this)

longhorn is an abandoned OS by microsoft, it came after XP. If i get sued i’ll abandon the project- but it’s been lost for about 13 years.

original project: auroraOS - An OS in your browser by @soup


Could of made a warning that there’s a startup sound. It’s 11.49pm and I had my speaker on max


lol those times tough :laughing:

oh and @17lwinn, It’s pretty much the same thing as auroraOS, but LOL. (no offense. And also, that windows theme looks sharp!)

@anon43649539 couple of times the sound failed to play so i didn’t know it worked, sorry!

@code-alt yeah, it is pretty much the same. For now…

There’s a specialized autoplay policy that determins whether a sound gets to play or not. It’s even stricter on mobile, making it so the user must trigger a gesture like tapping something to play a sound. I think it’s to save bandwith for phone plans.

that does make sense, i might replace the sound for something else

something LIKE longhorn

Maybe put a long train horn sound as a joke

yeah lol

starts site


just started making shutdown app


  • shutdown app
  • about screen
  • system monitor
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Yay! Great update!!!

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The files app is vulnerable to XSS.

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this is an older project of auroraos that doesn’t have file permissons yet so it’s insecure