My largest project hits over 500 project hours

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I made a post a year ago regarding my website, and today it had hit it’s highest, reaching over 587 hours and ultimately pushing my project hours to total of 1000. It’s been running for over 2 years now.

I haven’t updated the site for quite long time, so I am unsure whether to move forward with it or shut it down, because it could be crawler bots pushing my project hours rather than actual visitors. If it’s actual visitors, I will upgrade my Glitch plan and rewrite the website with Svelte as I made a switch over recently from React. I personally find Svelte smaller, easier, and closer to vanilla JavaScript development.


Let me know if there is any feedback you want to give on my website.


The Easiest way to check if they are true visitors is checking your analytics for session time. Do you use Google analytics, splitbee, simple analytics or something else?

I do not, as I am not collecting any data.

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g​o​o​d j​o​b

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Well, 587 seems like bots, especially if this comes as a surprise (e.g. not gradually). As I remember, the project was really well implemented and was very simple to use, yet it had many capabilities.

Good to know since many most websites track you in any way (even if using privacy-friendly analytics, even mine uses splitbee) :sweat_smile:

Also, congratulations! :star_struck::tada:

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if it hasn’t been updated for a while, I’d suggest crawling into a static site and switching the project over to being a static site project so that it doesn’t use hours.

edit: or maybe pls pay for glitch

congrats btw


I just subscribed to Glitch Pro so there should be no issue :slightly_smiling_face:

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Damn, that’s impressive man, 500+ hours. What is the point of glitch pro?


@Emily_Burns See

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