Thoughts on the VPN block

The VPN block kind of seems unreasonable. I’m using a VPN provider that also provides email security (I’m not going to say it because that would be advertising) because:

  • I’ve seen Glitch Projects that are IP loggers
  • I’ve also seen Glitch Projects with their database hacked.
  • I’ve seen Glitch projects with just people who sell advertisements (those therealsuntrust.freebankmoney sites, not a real URL because the TLD is invalid)

I do see why they have it because of D(D)oS attacks but people could make their own VPN or use a bad ISP which puts your location across your country (example: Savanah, GA -> Sacramento, CA).


Hello! I am not experiencing this issue with PIA. What happens when you visit a project with a VPN?

A 403 forbidden page

(Thanks for the edit)

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Odd, is this on all * domains and domains give 403 errors while the editor does not load.

Odd, this usually only happens when I access glitch sites through tor. Maybe you can email support and ask if they can unblock your ip.
Can you see if other AWS based sites work like

It works fine.

I think this might be a Glitch.



I was wondering where the announcement was. I checked through tashas latest messages and didn’t see it.

@EddiesTech We’ve all made the joke, cmon.

That’s the point…

I watched that GIF 3 times until I got it :joy:


Is it from a movie?

probably made using blender, welp anyways we should get back on-topic.

and I don’t think glitch blocks vpns.

I don’t think glitch blocks vpns, I’ve used about three on the platform and it never did anything bad

I think it was just the VPN I was using.

It could just be that your VPN has lots of people going on to Glitch websites and then reCAPTCHA is like “no no no”

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Didn’t think about reCAPTCHA. Valid point.


I see, This can happend at your VPN provider. By the way, I’m using VPN and visiting some glitch sites seems OK, and doesn’t receive 403 Error.

Can you check your IP?
Or try another VPN provider.