Unable to access *.glitch.me websites

I would prefer using a vpn to connect to glitch, everytime i need to test my webpage im forced to use a vpn to load the project’s .glitch.me domain

is there any solution to this issue for vodafone italy? it makes glitch.me unusable…

Change the DNS to or

You can get some more information on changing DNS servers here:

Try this https://github.com/benborgers/glitch-proxy
and/or https://proxychief.glitch.me/

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XD the second one won’t work. But good tip.

To fix it for your site visitors, you can proxy with cloudflare, which covers both the DNS problem and also translates IPv6 to IPv4.

Example setup …

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Hi. I have Fastweb as intenet provider at home in Italy and I have the same problem. Any real solution after one year?

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Your best bet is to contact them and ask them to unblock *.glitch.me.

As a last resort you can always try using a proxy, Tor (with a bridge), or change or your DNS server.

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still this problem from italy

how can we solve using cloudflare? I CANT’ see the example setup you mention

For me, dear Pieluigi, it’s the same since 2019, but it didn’t work out and I gave up.

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How is it possible that this problem can’t be fixed? I can’t believe, it’s going on since years. Let’s find a solution right now. It cannot be solved simply changing dns because we want to give the address to other people and we cannot make everyone change the dns, as I also suggested more than 2 years ago. I also think that the CEO should fix this thing calling the italian internet provider company and not us, what do you think, it’s also their interest to expand the clients or not?


it’a real pity cause this service could be great
i’ll give up too


Hi there - I’m sorry for the wait on this and understand the frustration. The domain was blocked by Italian ISPs and we had been unable to get them unblocked on our own, but now that we are part of a larger company we are working to get some help on getting the domain unblocked. I don’t have a timeline for this, but it is something we’re investigating.


at the moment i solved proxying from my own domain to “*.glitch.me” using cloudflare

I have a friend in Italy who also can’t access Glitch websites, which is odd.


Ok, I want to tell what is the problem. You can fix it somehow, but, in my case I had students and I wanted them to access to the web app, but a lot of them were not able to see the site and it was too complicated to fix it for all of them so I left the service that I liked very much also because I started learning how to use python and flask and that was amazing. I was making a lot of experiments like sites with interactive pages, quizzes, too bad that I had to interrupt these stuffs for this (absurd) problem.
PS: at the moment, for example, if I go to my pages with the pc it’s all right, if I use the ipad it says that is impossible to reach the site.


yes you are right. Fixing requires to buy a domain and play with cloudflare. Too much for use glitch to learn how to code. Pity…it’s a great and unique service

you can get some domains for free at https://freenom.com. then add it through cloud fare and do what you do to fix it